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Fabricor is a well established company, internationally known as an industry leader for solid surface and stone fabrication. From residential kitchens to extremely sophisticated fabrication and cladding, Fabricor is the one source with the experience and know-how to exceed expectations for your project.

Commercial Division

Several areas of experience separate Fabricor from other fabricators:

  • Project management that addresses and solves problems before delays occur and schedules are derailed.
  • Project engineers from the millwork industry who have extensive knowledge and experience to ensure high quality and a tight tolerance product.
  • Technical knowledge unsurpassed in the industry with over 30 years of manufacturing
  • Vast variety of project experience contributes to superior performance and quality
Residential Division

Unique approach to educate customers to products and value, give Fabricor customers a better experience when selecting countertops

  • Sales staff has mandate to educate customers to better understand options and products best suited for their needs
  • Customer service that begins at measurements with highly skilled technicians and follow up through completion of project
Custom Manufacturing Division

The experience and level of quality provided over the years to the healthcare industry is unsurpassed

  • Custom products designed and manufactured to provide products that are cost effective, high performance, and low maintenance
  • Design and technical capabilities to create improved product and lower cost for better performance
  • Thermoforming capabilities to compliment design and easy to maintain surfaces
  • Quality control standards that ensure product meets or exceeds expectations
  • Schedule control that has product on site when needed

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